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Immigration - https://www.Behance.net/search?content=projects&sort=appreciations&time=week&search=Immigration from Africa along with other areas of the planet has changed the Canaries’ population landscape drastically in the last decade and has now forced the islands to reassess their relationship aided by the continent. In the last decade the islands are making cooperation with Africa a major priority, spending around €17 million in education, health insurance and infrastructure in Africa, specially in transport and communication links with the continent.

The past few years also have seen a challenge between intense development and concerted efforts to protect the islands’ natural resources and beauty. Governmental groups, islanders and ecologists are in constant conversations concerning the best way to combine the archipelago’s dependence on tourism, while the observed need for more resorts, ports and tennis courses, with all the pressing need to conserve water resources, combat marine pollution and give a wide berth to development from infringing on the nature which have made the islands a nature lover’s haven.To understand about Costa teguise hd beach resort 4 stars and HD PARQUE CRISTÓBAL GRAN CANARIA in Playa del Inglés, go to our site Hd Beach Resort in Lanzarote - http://www.vakantiepanel.nl/spanje/gran-canaria/playa-del-ingles/parque-cristobal.
1 Etymology
2 Geography and geology
2.1 animal and plant life
3 History
3.1 Ancient and pre-colonial times
3.2 Castilian conquest
3.3 After the conquest
3.4 Eighteenth to centuries that are nineteenth
3.5 century that is early twentieth
3.6 Franco regime
Day 3.7 Present
4 federal government and politics
5 Economy
6 Demographics
7 See additionally
8 Notes
9 Recommendations
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Locals call their homeland, "The Land of Eternal Spring," due to its climate that is subtropical by the Gulf Stream and Trade Winds. The fact that four of Spain's nationwide areas are situated within the Canaries reflects the wealth that is extraordinary of beauty found in these islands. Due to both of these factors, over 10 million tourists visit the islands each year.

The name "Islas Canaria" is probably derived from the Latin term Insula Canaria, meaning Island of this Dogs, a name applied originally simply to Gran Canaria. The dense populace of an endemic breed of large and fierce dogs, much like the Canary Mastiff (in Spanish, el Presa Canario), may have been the characteristic that many struck the few ancient Romans whom established connection with the islands by the ocean.
Geography and geology

The Islands that is canary are within the Macaronesia ecoregion, which contain a few sets of islands into the North Atlantic Ocean near European countries and North Africa belonging politically to the three nations of Portugal, Spain, and Cape Verde. Macaronesia is made of the four archipelagos of Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde, while the Canary Islands.

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